Don’t Let Water Damage Leave You Out at Sea

Don’t Let Water Damage Leave You Out at Sea

Water damage restoration in Winston-Salem, NC

Water damage should be addressed as quickly as possible. Residual water and moisture can continue to damage the structure of your home or business and even cause mold growth, leaving all occupants at risk. All Star Cleaning & Restoration is available around the clock in Winston-Salem for water damage repair and restoration. You can rely on our crew to arrive on time to take care of any water damage problem.

Handling every step from start to finish

Whether it was caused by a broken pipe or a severe storm, our professionals can refurbish any areas that have been damaged due to water. When you call our crew, you can expect us to arrive at your location within a few hours to begin the restoration process. This involves:

• Water extraction
• Structural drying
• Contents drying
• Total reconstruction
• Disinfection and deodorizing

We’ll clear out the water from every part of your home and get busy reconstructing damaged areas right away. Don’t let the water linger – reach out to All Star Cleaning right now for water damage restoration services in Winston-Salem, NC.